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Education Matters

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Kitchen Shrink

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  • Kitchen Shrink: The herb garden of my dreams

    Kitchen Shrink: The herb garden of my dreams

    KITCHEN SHRINK: While recently chatting with a family friend, she exuberantly mentioned that she was whipping up a mixed-green salad with the herbs, lettuces and cucumbers that she freshly picked from her garden, as well as a marinara sauce with the Technicolor heirloom tomatoes overflowing in...

One View

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  • One View: Looking forward with Michael Dukakis

    Michael Dukakis, 83, former governor of Massachusetts and 1988 Democratic candidate for president, spoke recently to the Rancho Santa Fe Democratic Club where I am VP for programs. Congressman Scott Peters was there. Also Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez and new husband Nathan Fletcher, a likely candidate...

Rant with Randi

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  • Rant with Randi: Enough is enough

    Rant with Randi: Enough is enough

    I was trying to figure out what I should write about this week, when it was handed to me recently at a Friday night football game. I heard a woman talking, ranting actually, about coaches and their roles in our kids’ lives. I haven’t written about sports and crazy parents for a while, because sometimes...

AutoMatters & More

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