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Аноним inquired:
Thank you for explaining it! It's a really interesting AU! I look forward to seeing more of your art! Thank you for sharing them!


MethodAU | raventrust

Perhaps many of you have noticed that there are a lot of pictures with Khadgar and Medivh in some different situations that take place in a modern world. Those posts express my emotions from story that me and my friend Alle are writing. But we forgot to explain it.


This story is called MethodAU and unfolds in modern Moscow in 2018. As elsewhere there are serial killers that need to be caught by someone. Initially we saw one Russian film (The Method) and thought that the story of its main characters are very similar to the story of Medivh and Khadgar. More precisely, I stuck to Alle with that idea after watching this series and blurted out that this two stories have a lot in common. After that it wasn’t funny anymore and we started thinking.

We are crazy people so we decided – why not? Let’s play and write our own story based on Raventrust and this TV-series (the Method). And since then an incredible interesting story where WoW characters meet characters from our books begun to evolve. For some of them, the role of patriots and noble defender of state was prepared. And some others became some cruel maniacs. Russia does not spare anyone. MethodAU is a completely mind blowing story full of hurt\comfort relationships. It will hurt…but it is so interesting that all this pain and suffering completely worth it.

Something we took from the series, as a tribute to this beautiful story, but later our own story became more and more unique, with such plot twists, which make you to open your mouth in surprise

The main character is Medivh Aran.


Born into a fairly wealthy family, but, alas, the family soon became incomplete. His mother left his father and Medivh stayed with him. His mother had her own reasons, understandable only to her. Or not understandable… Unfortunately her mental illness was transmitted to her son.

Later, this resulted in the death of Medivh’s father. He was killed by his own son, who fell in a sudden rage and hallucinations.

Now Medivh is a major in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, working for a special department. Most of his life is a mystery. He lives with his silent helper Morouz in the old, converted into a house factory building. But Morouz used to be silent and not to ask questions.

Medivh loves Khadgar and cognac.


Khadgar - graduate with honors. Clever boy who believes in justice. He grew up in the family of the general, his mother died in his early childhood and Khadgar almost does not remember her. He only knows for sure that she was killed and that he really wants to find her killer. He meets Medivh for the first time at his graduation, when he solved the murderer of his girlfriend among a crowd of drunk students. Impressed, the next day he finds a mysterious investigator and asks for an internship. Since then, Khadgar’s life has completely changed. Now he can see a completely different side of a normal life. Gradually, the young man loses his rose-colored glasses and realizes that no one in this life is normal.

Khadgar loves Medivh and draw. And cream liqueur. And piss off Medivh, knocking loudly with a spoon on a cup.


During their travels, Medivh and Khadgar meet other characters from the Warcraft universe. In Altay they met a local hunter, Genn Greymane, who makes excellent moonshine and communicates with wolves.


Medivh and Khadgar fell in love with each other with a painful and very strong love. Medivh became for his trainee a mentor, a friend, a loved one, and even in some ways he was able to give to Khadgar what his own father couldn’t. Khadgar is trying to do everything so that his dear person does not fall into the abyss of madness.


One of the abilities of Medivh are his dreams. Sometimes completely insane, unusual, but they all have some meaning and sometimes they even predict the future.


Khadgar and Medivh, like the heroes of the original series, after each case with a dead maniac, buy a cactus. Why cactus? It’s good for air.

I really hope that you will continue to be interested in following t small stories and my works on this huge AU in our role-play with @allearta​.

Аноним inquired:
Sorry to ask, your last art piece (very beautiful btw) had me curious, in your Method AU is Medivh does end up killing Khadgar?

Oh no! Khadgar is alive! He’s relaxing :))