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Made for people, not profit. 2x faster, easy on memory and helps you block trackers that can slow you down. Get Firefox:

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    Jul 31

    Firefox is twice as fast as it was a year ago, uses 30% less memory, and offers real powerful private browsing with tracking protection. Download now:

  2. You don’t have to be a policy expert to understand our privacy philosophy. It’s simple! Learn more here (and then use Firefox if you aren’t already):

  3. Aug 15

    Freshly launched! Introducing a brand new extension from fellows & that aims at thwarting future targeted ads & gaining transparency into Facebook’s ad platform. Try out for Firefox:

  4. Aug 15

    We've got powerful tools to keep you moving at blazing speed online AND we're backed by , the not-for-profit helping to make the internet a healthier place for all. Win / win. Get Firefox today:

  5. Aug 15

    We think it should be easy for you to protect your privacy online. Understanding who is looking out for you & your privacy? Even easier. Read more here:

  6. Aug 15

    Even when it feels like there are tech giants everywhere trying to make a profit off your personal info, there are some good guys out here putting privacy first. Like , , , , & , to name a few.

  7. Aug 14

    Multiple accounts, one window. The days of opening more than one browser to be logged into more than one email or social account are over! Get Multi-Account Containers in Firefox:

  8. Aug 14

    Our privacy philosophy is our promise to you that you can trust us. It also sets an example for other organizations to follow. Here’s how it works:

  9. Aug 14

    Unlike some tech companies, our privacy philosophy is simple. It’s also centered around our mission: to make sure the internet puts people first. 🤷‍♀️ Learn more here:

  10. Retweeted
    Aug 13

    These extensions make Quantum so much better:

  11. Aug 13

    Firefox is now faster and more secure. On Friday the published TLS, incorporating significant improvements in both security and speed. It’s already shipping in Firefox and you can use it today.

  12. Aug 10

    Dear Geminis (and all other signs, tbh), Please live a long, full life and then also try out the Forget Button for that whole browser history thing:

  13. Aug 10

    "We have a set of data privacy principles to guide us, and you can have trust that if we collect your data we’re not going to abuse it." — Marshall Erwin, our Director of Trust and Security. . .also a former counterterrorism expert & competitive gymnast.

  14. Aug 9

    Human curators: good for you and good for the web. Learn more about how ’s curated New Tab recommendations in Firefox can help steer you outside of the “fast-churning hellbroth of the daily news cycle."

  15. Aug 9

    Still emailing links to yourself? Our condolences to your inbox. Send tabs between devices instead with Firefox:

  16. Aug 9

    Ready to take your privacy to the next level? 🛡️🔒 Try out a few of these extensions (or all 14 if you're feeling ambitious) to find your perfect private set-up:

  17. Aug 7

    Have you weighed in on our new design systems yet? We're asking for feedback on the internet! And will be reading it all! Here's your chance:

  18. Aug 7

    Get browser speed you need without memory bloat. Firefox runs 2x faster and uses 30% less memory than Chrome, freeing your system up so you can do more. Download it here:

  19. Retweeted
    Aug 7

    Mozilla has a new Firefox extension to get you out of your internet rut

  20. Aug 6

    With the brand new extension, it’s even easier to transfer large files directly through your browser. It’s as simple as drag, drop and copy a link:

  21. Aug 5

    Get the best of the web *and* protect your privacy at the same time. We've got features that help you stop trackers, befuddle would-be-hackers and stymie attackers. Get Firefox today:


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