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  1. Aug 9

    Roland with individual trigger inputs and grouped outputs. We should have this mod available as a DIY kit at some point soon.

  2. Aug 9

    It costs £40-£50 to buy a new empty Wah pedal casing with no pot. It costs £30-£40 to buy an actual fully functional Wah pedal that uses exactly the same case. Has someone gone and broken capitalism again?

  3. Aug 7

    We'd like here and now to trademark the word 'Casiotastrophe™' to describe a circuit bending project gone horribly wrong.

  4. Aug 3

    One of our modded Yamaha RX8's on ebay. We're not selling it, but we did mod it.

  5. Aug 2

    Name an occasion where you've used a glue gun and its gone better than if you'd just done it properly. Hot glue, the "Friday afternoon, fuck it that'll do" bodgers weapon of choice! 😉

  6. Jul 31

    Microchips that have been boiled in acid. Thousands of them.

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  8. Jul 26

    8 way capacitive touch sensitive switch bank with blue LED touch panels and individual 0-5v output for each latching switch? £11 for two you say? I'll have some of that! Now, what the hell am i going to use them for...............

  9. Jul 25

    If you've never felt an irresistible urge to be this guy, then you're no longer welcome to buy our products! 😉

  10. Jul 18

    You can exchange some money for one of these Redshift Eurorack 4 channel mixer modules we've made if you like. Or don't. Its all the same to us. Our lives, and presumably yours will carry on regardless. Certainly something to think about anyway.

  11. Jul 17

    Hey kids! Why not get yourself a Behringulizer 2000 modded Behringer Virtualizer? All the cool people are doing it! You don't want to be the only one left out do you?

  12. Jul 16

    Can't argue with that.......

  13. Jul 13

    Its amazing how a knob suddenly costs £20 if its from a Neve desk. Exactly what kind of improvement in audio quality can we expect if we put a Neve knob on our Soundcraft desk?

  14. Jul 11

    Next T-shirt slogan: "circuitbenders - no, we don't know how much it'll cost you to ship your machine to us" 😡 I can't imagine how much money we lose annually due to a lack of psychic postage knowledge.

  15. Jul 2
  16. Jun 29

    On a day like this, theres nothing I like more than sitting outside enjoying the sunshine with a mountain of bent .

  17. Jun 26

    Yes Mr magazine researcher we'd be happy to help you out, but if you could possibly spare 5 minutes to look at the site and find out what we actually do before getting in contact, that'd be cool.

  18. Jun 21

    You know what, its World Giraffe Day today. I hope that answers all your questions..........

  19. Jun 21

    Yes! I remember - Didn’t they demonstrate how Zaphod’s second head worked? I tried searching for the clip but all I could find was this 🙂

  20. Jun 20

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