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  1. Mar 18

    Email received today. Trolling or a genuinely tragic grasp of reality? Its hard to tell when dealing with musicians! 😉 "Subject: Casio-CT640 I found a Casio keyboard and it doesn't charge or turn on and is missing the batteries. Is it done or is there hope for it to work again?"

  2. Mar 18

    FPGA drop in clone of the classic SID synthesis chip from the commodore 64 / SIDStation / TherapSid etc. "FPGASID includes two fully functional SIDs for 6-voice stereo sound. It also seems to allow 8 bit sampling...... which is nice

  3. Mar 14

    Hey look! Its one of those 'someone has gone and done a video using something we made' tweets! In this case, a modded MAM MB33 Retro.

  4. Mar 13

    Well thats a 3am amphetamine fueled idea if ever i saw one...

  5. Mar 12

    So exactly how much extra value does nailing some random bits of wood to the side of things actually add? Asking for a friend.

  6. Mar 8

    released today. Unknown Room by Download.

  7. Mar 6

    crank up your 🔊 for this one! this is the SP0256 voice synthesizer chip made by General Instruments, who later became

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  8. Mar 6

    With what appears to be a circuitbenders modded FAT Freebass in the rack on the right there!

  9. Mar 4

    How exactly are we meant to advise people in the EU wanting to send us kit to be modded, if we don't even know if we'll actually be able to ship it back after the 29th without extra expense and delays? The incompetent muppets running this shitshow are fucking over our business!

  10. Mar 4

    Yamaha REX50 effects unit modifications are now available as a standard set of mods on the site. The demos include some of the most atrociously beautiful distortions you'll ever hear!

  11. Mar 1

    This is a slightly odd one. Apparently its a Voice Vandal, made by The Phonic Taxidermists, as opposed to a Phonic Taxidermist by 🤔 Why the internal mains power supply? Oh, and theres a U in Frequency. 😉

  12. Feb 27

    A superb series of tutorials on CMOS logic based synthesis from the Hackaday: Logic Noise series. Everything from VCO's, noise sources, VCA's, filters, mixers and sequencing, all using simple 4000 series CMOS chips and easily constructed on a breadboard.

  13. Feb 24

    PCB lifehacks #764:

  14. Feb 22

    A couple of pensioners take some time out for a rejuvenating reclocking experience. In your twilight years it can really put a spring in your step!

  15. Feb 19

    38 days left. I can't order stock as it's likely I can't export it after 29/03. I can't tell my staff their jobs are safe. I can't reassure my clients. My company paralysed thanks to 'the party of business.' If there is a god, Brexiters will be prosecuted for their lies.

  16. Feb 19

    Delia Derbyshire getting the full "a woman you say, how extraordinary!" treatment from someone at the BBC in the late 60's, processed through a modded Digitech RDS1900 delay. "Miss Delia Derbyshire, a very versatile girl........"

  17. Feb 15

    Someone often likes and replies to our tweets, but i can never see who it is or what they've said, and they don't appear in our notifications. Whats going on there? Have they just got their tweets hidden and we don't follow them? Its a bit tricky to reply!

  18. Feb 14

    7" vinyl of actual heartbeat sounds from some time in the 1960's! Including drawings of the audio waveforms on the inlay. It looks unplayed. Beat that for a gift!

  19. Feb 14
  20. Feb 14

    The Corporations have arranged another festival of guilt laden consumerism for us that they like to call 'Valentines Day'. This year why not show your other half how much you care for them by purchasing a Behringulizer modded effects rack for yourself?


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