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  1. Albums to which your immediate response is thinking 'well, someones been watching Escape From New York". How many is it reasonable and /or healthy to own?

  2. Jan 15

    Refresh your notifications tab every 30 seconds, like a second, slower heartbeat—pained when the flow of attention stops, gasping for approval

  3. Jan 10

    I tell you son, when i was your age this was all oscillator modules as far as the eye could see.... You don't think is that over excitable all the time do you? No, its purely down to the LTC1799 modules he got from ......possibly

  4. Jan 10

    Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b test video 2 by Kornel Wagner. Much like the previous one, only more so.....

  5. Jan 10

    Phonic Taxidermist 47.2b test video 1 by Kornel Wagner

  6. Jan 7

    The problem with being given £20 free advertising credit by Facebook, is that you just end up getting several hundred likes from the kind of people who are quite happy to like adverts on Facebook..... and they're the worst people.

  7. Jan 4

    Demo of a circuit bent Peravey Deltafex multi FX rack. Mods include a RAM looping switch and 4 x loop chopping switches

  8. Jan 1
  9. 31 Dec 2018
  10. 20 Dec 2018

    Heres a festive Christmas PCB message for you!

  11. 16 Dec 2018

    Just spotted one of our modded Zoom 1202's on ebay. 22 hours left and no bids at a £50 starting price, although it definitely hasn't shown up on any searches i've done for the words 'circuit bent' in the time its been listed, which might explain why!

  12. 14 Dec 2018

    Just got an email with the subject 'Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone' recommending a festive ESD tweezer set and a 3 litre ultrasonic cleaning tank to 'make your jewelry and carburettors shine in time for Christmas' Theres just nothing worse than dirty carburettors at christmas!

  13. 14 Dec 2018

    £2 for 33 shorts tracks of sinister atmospheric radiophonic noodling. It even has a track called "no recollection of making this at all". Can't argue with that!

  14. 13 Dec 2018

    Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen, buy yourself a modded MAM retro this Christmas! What else are you going to have to live for once the Brexit apocalypse really kicks off?

  15. 12 Dec 2018

    Cats on Synthesisers in my front room...... with horse barometers.

  16. 7 Dec 2018

    Custom Fuzz Whore pedal . This years donation to the Christmas Covers Mega Raffle in aid of Rowans Hospice.

  17. 4 Dec 2018

    Audio click to +5v trigger pulse converter box, using one of our Audio 2 Trigger converter kits.

  18. 3 Dec 2018

    Looking through the 3D models available on can only lead you to the conclusion that the majority of 3D printers must be bought just to reproduce plastic utensils, parts and models, all of which you could just go and buy from a shop a hell of a lot easier and cheaper!

  19. 2 Dec 2018

    Top quality phonic taxidermist pedal work!

  20. 30 Nov 2018

    Getting geared up for the ghastly degenerative advent calendar that is December.


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