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  1. vor 5 Stunden
  2. 29. Sep.

    Own Business Day is the great opportunity to advertise your special business FOR FREE! Video:

  3. 25. Sep.

    ACTUM barista wishes us a nice start to the new week!😊 Guess what animal she made for us? 😉

  4. 20. Sep.
  5. 20. Sep.

    …this is the way ACTUM welcomes our new employees. Welcome! Enjoy your time here! 😉✊☕💻😊 , , ,

  6. 8. Sep.

    Tomáš Vondráček, CEO of ACTUM, gets ready to live conference - 19 October 2017 in La Fabrika, Praha

  7. 16. Aug.

    ACTUM hosted a group of MBA students and their professors from Loyola University Maryland (US) on ACTUM premises this Monday.

  8. 4. Aug.

    It doesn’t matter if you prefer espresso, Café Latte, Cappuccino, or Flat White. We prepare every coffee with love in ACTUM Café.

  9. 2. Aug.

    became a Gold Certified Partner of BloomReach Experience in the DACH and Central European regions.

  10. 28. Juli

    It does not matter whether it is raining, windy, hailing, or snowing outdoors, your mornings in ACTUM will be bright.

  11. 27. Juli

    See you on - use our 10% discount code ,,ReactiveActum” and be ready to sign up on 31st of July!

  12. 26. Juli

    What if you want to deliver a relevant and consistent customer experience to drive you revenue growth?

  13. 25. Juli

    We in ACTUM are proud to be ISO/IEC certified for

  14. 20. Juli

    Tarik Altumbabić appointed Head of Delivery for ACTUM as of July 2017.

  15. 14. Juli
  16. 11. Juli

    Do you have passion for data and UX research? Our UX/UI team is taking big part of the digital transformation age.

  17. 10. Juli

    We are presenting at Sitecore Symposium Las Vegas 16. - 19. 10. 2017

  18. 29. Juni

    Are you interested in the application development for big players? Senior React Native Developer wanted!

  19. 28. Juni

    Git is currently the most popular version of control systems. Tomáš talked about Git during the ACTUM Academy .

  20. 26. Juni

    Vladislav Vachata appointed Managing Director ACTUM+ as of July 2017.

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