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What's up Lyon?

What To Do In Lyon in August?

Tons of things to do to keep you going all summer long, even when everyone deserts in August.

Where to swim in Lyon and around the city?

Here’s a selection of swimming pools, aquatic parks and natural sites to enjoy with friends and families.

You are now reading the new version of “This Is Lyon”, the first website dedicated to Lyon written in English. Our goal is to serve both the local English-speaking community as well as international visitors with advice on where to go, what to do and what’s happening in our cool city of Lyon.
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5 Reasons to Go See Yokainoshima at the Musée des Confluences

Step into Japan through photos and artifacts.

Where to Find Public Bathrooms in Lyon

Where to go when you really have to go.

The Best International Epiceries in Lyon

On the menu: Russian, Asian, Indian, African, American, and Italian.

madame bonheur at mini world 2018

Les Monsieur Madame Come to Mini World for the Summer

Les Monsieur Madame are hiding in Mini World.

afrique en mosaique at parc des oiseaux 2018

The Parc des Oiseaux Bird Sanctuary Dedicates 2018 to African Species

African avians are coming to the bird sanctuary.

Walibi Amusement Park Opens New Zone and New Rides for 2018

The imaginative Festival City comes to life at Walibi.

centre nautique tony bertrand in lyon

Lyon’s pools open for summer hours

Opening hours for Lyon’s summer pools.

English Book Reveals the Secrets of Lyon’s Fishbones

An English retelling of Lyon’s greatest mystery.

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