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Eastern Washington

Energy & Environment

Protecting working forests in times of growth

Protecting working forests in times of growth

As Washington’s population continues to grow, many newcomers from other parts of the country or world may end up buying a home or property...
Boosting salmon production

Boosting salmon production

Last year, Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) released 137 million salmon from its hatcheries, the lowest production year ever for the...


Amazon Go Store

Future of work in an automated world

Members of Washington’s Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board (WTB) are recommending to the legislature that the state and its businesses should refocus efforts...
Student studying

Call to expand state financial aid

New research reveals that states should do a better job of including adults in financial aid programs to reach attainment goals. The data also...


Another crack at car tab reform

Another crack at car tab reform

Last year’s legislative session ended with lawmakers yet again unable to agree on relief for Puget Sound drivers paying the new motor vehicle excise...
Are I-405 tolls ‘good to go’?

Are I-405 tolls ‘good to go’?

The 15-mile northern segment of Interstate 405 from Bellevue to Lynnwood has now had dynamic tolling in place on two lanes for over three...


Home caretaker with patient

House divided over individual provider bill

Lawmakers proved unwavering while discussing the passage of SB 6199 during House floor debate. There was a clear divide between Republicans and Democrats, with...
Nurse spending time with patient

Individual provider bill controversial

Lawmakers opposed to SB 6911 are arguing the bill would take away the freedom of choice for individual home care providers when considering whether...
Doctor checking up on patient

Adopting a national model for insurance companies

Under a new bill, insurance companies would be required to follow a national framework for managing and reporting their business activity. Proponents of SB 5069...


High court rejects Seattle income tax case

High court rejects Seattle income tax case

The Washington State Supreme Court this week declined to make a direct review of a lawsuit filed against the city of Seattle’s income tax...
Seattle appeals hotel worker ruling

Seattle appeals hotel worker ruling

Last month, the Washington Court of Appeals ruled against a voter initiative intended to protect hotel workers from assault by guests, though hospitality groups...
Advances in taking mass timber mainstream

Advances in taking mass timber mainstream

As Washington looks to bring cross-laminated timber (CLT) into mainstream construction use, the International Code Council (ICC) has announced code change proposals that would...

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