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Let’s work together to create an educational experience for your students that utilizes the best of technology and face-to-face interaction.


The Pinnacle of Personalized Learning

If no two children are alike, then why should they have the exact same educational solutions?

We believe your student’s education should be as unique as they are. They all can’t fit in the same box and you don’t want them to!

We have two defined pathways for students in your district:

As a consortium partner, you add another “school” to your district - RVA school. This is where the full-time virtual students are housed. The RVA staff will serve as the instructional support system for these students.

Our consortium partners have access to a vast library of digital course options through our content providers. Teachers can access these courses and utilize them in a full classroom blended capacity. Independent students may need a flexible, alternative solution for completion based on a variety of factors. No matter the need - we have options!


Our Impact



school district partners

We collaborate with districts across the state to provide flexible digital learning solutions for students. We share resources and teachers to create a financially beneficial relationship for everyone involved.



online course enrollments

…and counting! We provide a top-notch learning management system and digital content to our partner districts. Students and teachers are able to choose from over 1,000 course options in a variety of delivery options to create a truly customized educational experience.



hours of professional development support and services

We provide personalized professional development to support you in your efforts to bring modern, innovative solutions and equal opportunities to your students.


District Connect Staffers Love Taking Field Trips!

Alli Ranum (our Director of Blended Learning) and Josh Duwe (our Blended Learning Coordinator) love to visit our partner schools and get in the classroom to help support our teachers using RVA’s blended resources.