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A Loving Home for Rescued Farm Animals-Mainly Pigs!


Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, located in Melrose, FL, provides a safe and compassionate refuge to hundreds of rescued farm animals. These precious animals are just like us in that every one is individual who is worthy of kindness in the form of a healthy diet and a comfy home filled with love and good care. Our residents, which we kindly refer to as ambassadors, are the lucky ones who have come here from all sorts of situations but primarily as the result of abuse, abandonment and neglect.  They include pot-bellied pigs, farm pigs, cows, goats, turkeys, chickens,  and honey bees. 
Rooterville farm animal sanctuary currently provides a beautiful home to nearly 400 rescued animals. If we had one wish, it would be that we could save them all!  Sadly we have to turn many animals away because, like most sanctuaries, we are full.  We wish we could create more happy endings, and that is where you come in!  We'd love for you to learn more about us, come out for a visit and see what we do and get involved by donating, volunteering, helping with outreach and events, maybe joining our board of directors.  We have something for everyone, we just need more good folks like you willing to help us encourage compassion and inspire change!  One person may not be able to do much (unless you're super rich or very famous!) but together, we can accomplish big things!  Email or call to see how we can plug you in to help Rooterville do more to make this world a kinder place!
Schedule your tour today to meet our awesome ambassadors, hear the incredible stores of their lives before they made it to Rooterville and enjoy a truly hands-on experience on our 30-acres of park like natural splendor complete with beehives and amazing butterfly gardens. You will get to interact with, touch, and visit our animal's in their own habitats and enjoy priceless photo opportunities with special animals along the way. 
Contact us if you're only opportunity to visit us is in February and we'll do our best to accommodate you.
Gracie & Ginger LOVE It Here!

Gracie & Ginger are the sister bosses of Rooterville!  They absolutely love all of their friends here and they're super excited to make new friends like YOU! They are the cutest, sweetest mascots we could ever ask for and you're going to fall in love with them.  But they can't go home with you, they have to stay here and keep everything under control.    You can purchase a cute plush Ginger to remind you of your awesome experience here at Rooterville.

Support Our Sanctuary by SHOPPING!  YAY!

YES!  Every dollar spent in our gift shop helps us care for the rescued animals at Rooterville & beyond!  There is something for everyone and every budget.  We have a beautiful selection of gifts, jewelry, fun animal-themed products, gifts for your fur friends and even designer shoes. accessories and apparel that ALL helps us fund our magnificent sanctuary and important work.  It's the only place where money truly does buy love.  Use code ICARE to save 10% off your first order!

A Kinder World Begins with You: 
Small Changes=Big Impact!

Whether you are looking for a fun weekend activity, needing to clear out old blankets from your closets, or want to sponsor one of Rooterville’s awesome ambassadors, there are endless options to get involved. We are a kid-friendly facility  where you can learn how you can make a difference in both the lives of our animals and those that still need a voice. 
Your kindness allows us to continue providing second chances to animals in need and encouraging more people just like you to make kinder choices in their daily lives.  We can't save them all but together, we can make a HUGE difference in the numbers of animals being raised in brutally cruel conditions on factory farms.  Together we are a mighty force for positive change!  Please join us!
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Plan Your Sanctuary Tour

Rooterville is CLOSED unit MARCH 1st, at which time we'll be open to the public for visiting and tours every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 AM til 3 PM. Private tours and Groups can schedule visits by emailing us. We provide a wonderful environment for kids of all ages. Sign up today for a fun field trip in the country with our amazing animal ambassadors.  
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Donate Your Extra Supplies

From extra paper towels and blankets to batteries and bird seed, you can make a difference by simply donating items you have on hand or can purchase off of our Amazon Wish List. Sign up for Amazon Smile to contribute to Rooterville every time you shop on Amazon at no extra cost to you!  Go to https://smile.amazon.com/ to learn more!  It's an easy way to donate that costs you nothing!  

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Shop at The Pink Pigs

Inspired by pot-bellied piglet sisters, Lilly and Daisy, The Pink Pigs is our online retail boutique where you will find fun and unique treasures ranging from gifts and jewelry to apparel and more!  ALL proceeds go directly towards helping care for the animals at Rooterville and making this world a kinder place for all of us. 

Sponsor an Animal

"Adopt" one of Rooterville's awesome animals!  They'll stay here and we'll do the hard work though!  Your monthly gift will help provide necessities to keep them thriving and enjoying life at the sanctuary. You will receive an adoption certificate, a meet and greet, updates on them and more!  The best part is the monthly video updates our amazing caretakers make!  You're always in the loop on your animal's life.

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Become a Member or Sponsor

Our monthly donors are super heroes who play a critical role in sustaining Rooterville and helping us care for the rescued animals living here. Enjoy member-only benefits, such as special discounts & events, monthly video updates on your sponsored animal & more!  One of the BEST benefits is our "Open Gates" policy, monthly donors are welcome to stop by at any time, any day. 24/7, 365!  It's a great perk if you're nearby.  Y'all come!
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Choose a Kind, Plant-Based Lifestyle

Many of our animals come to us after suffering the horrors of life on factory farms. Making the switch to a plant-based diet not only removes your support from the brutally cruel animal ag industry, but also offers a variety of health benefits like healing heart disease and type 2 diabetes too!  Find your BEST health ever, it's easier than you think!   Every dollar you spend is a vote for something. Vote for things that matter and that do GOOD.  For your health, for the environment and for the animals, the BEST choice is VEGAN!
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Experience the health and nutritional benefits of a plant-based lifestyle with our recipe book full of alternative, hand-picked dishes. 

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