[Free] ninZaRenko - Best Renko Bars (with Wicks) for NinjaTrader 8
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[Free] ninZaRenko

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Availability for:

  • NinjaTrader 7 platform: NOT PLANNED
  • NinjaTrader 8 platform: AVAILABLE NOW


To other vendors/developers: ninZaRenko’s ID is 12345. Each custom bar type on the market should have a different ID, so that ID interference can be avoided.

We’re excited to introduce this phenomenal bar type for NinjaTrader 8: ninZaRenko.

Key features:

  • Help you visualize trends with ease and comfort
  • Print wicks that show real lows & highs of renko bars
  • Give you total control on how bars are defined via 2 simple parameters: Brick Size & Trend Threshold (detailed explanation and instruction are given in the trader manual)
  • Be optimally compatible with all built-in features of NinjaTrader 8, just like a default bar type
  • Can be used for strategy backtesting

ninZaRenko is an optimally compatible bar type. It can be used for/in:

  • Charting, trading, backtesting
  • NinjaScript indicators or strategies (detailed instructions are given in Trader Manual)
  • Market Analyzer, Hot List Analyzer, Strategy Analyzer
  • Playback Connection (popularly known as Market Replay in NinjaTrader 7)
  • Tick Replay






Please read Installation Guide for details.


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