Rebecca Linares - Babe on Vacation
So you want to do something special for your babe? Something she'll never forget? Something she will love you forever for doing? OK, here it is; but it's not easy. Not easy because it will result in your babe getting fucked, fucked and fucked again. Here it is. Send your babe on a vacation to some remote spot -- far away from home. Your agreement is she can do what comes naturally. Day 1, she's at the pool, Sipping a drink, getting some sun. It's hot. She's horny. She misses you already. "Ah", she thinks to herself, "I hear the pool boy approaching. I certainly could use some lotion -- I might even get naked while he does it." Just as we suspect that pool guy is an expert at seducing the guests. Seducing your babe is foremost on his mind. This set of photos and the matching video is exactly what happens in situations like this. Could you do it? Could you send your babe on vacation like this? Maybe not; but if you did, who's to stop you from going on a vacation of your own. Maybe you just might go where you sent your babe. Just don't let her know you're there. Walk up to her while she's sunning and ask if there's something she might want. Just like this guy does here. You might be surprised at the loving you'll get.
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