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Arteries of the Neck and Head
...  is the one that provides the blood to the upper right part of the chest, the right arm as well as the head and neck. This is done through an artery branch called the right vertebral artery. The vertebral arteries that are on the left and right, in turn, go into the basilar artery and then upward to the posterior cerebral artery. This provides most of the oxygenated blood to the brain. Both  ...

Blood Supply to the Brain
...  four vessels through which the arterial blood passes going to the brain. Each of these four vessels is actually in sets of paired arteries – one set of internal carotid arteries and a pair of vertebral arteries. These eventually converge into one unified vessel found near the pituitary gland, which is located in the interior surface of the brain. The converged structure permits adequate  ...

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