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Dan Higgins Is intergender wrestling empowering for women?

“You go to wrestling and suspend your disbeliefs and what's not socially acceptable is a man hitting a woman. So when you see that happening and no one doing anything about it, you're kind of pulled away from it a little bit.” 

Letters Why are Tory MPs so obsessed with Big Ben and Brexit?

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Why you should stop measuring your BMI

Crucially, BMI doesn't distinguish between fat and muscle and studies have found it unreliable. So should we do away with the measurement once and for all?

Beach Boys blues: Is our love affair with the beach over?

Brian Wilson and his surf band had a brand of wistful melancholic yearning integral to songs like ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ and ‘I’m waiting for the day’ – but will the day they were dreaming of ever come? Andy Martin takes a look at the myth of the beach and how it has eroded with the sands of time

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