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How to Grade Fancy Cut Diamonds

Fancy cut diamonds can have any finished shape, except round. These stones have their own grading criteria, in particular regarding proportion and symmetry.

Recutting Diamonds and Colored Gemstones

When is recutting diamonds and other gems worthwhile for a professional gemologist? Learn how to make this determination and avoid potential problems.

Proustite Value, Price, and Jewelry Information

Proustite crystals have magnificent red colors and good brilliance. Although facetable, they’re too soft for jewelry use but highly desired as collector’s gems.

How to Grade Set Gemstones

Gems in jewelry settings can’t be evaluated the same way as loose stones. These guidelines are for gemologists learning to grade set gemstones.

Searching for Diamonds Online — Save With These Tips!

Searching for diamonds online shouldn’t be so complex. Use our recommended parameters to buy the best diamond for your engagement ring — and your wallet!

Protective Gem Settings for Rings

All gemstones, from fragile opals to durable diamonds, can benefit from protective gem settings. Learn which jewelry designs are best suited for ring use.

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