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The World of Tiers series: Volume 1 & 2 by Philip José Farmer (#01~3 | 04~7)
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Overview: Philip José Farmer was an American author, principally known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, but spent much of his life in Peoria, Illinois. Farmer is best known for his Riverworld series and the earlier World of Tiers series. He is noted for his use of sexual and religious themes in his work, his fascination for and reworking of the lore of legendary pulp heroes, and occasional tongue-in-cheek pseudonymous works written as if by fictional characters.
Genre: Fiction | Sci-fi/Fantasy

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These omnibus editions contain the author's preferred text, reprinted from the limited edition volumes.


1. The Maker of Universes
When Robert Wolff found a strange horn in an empty house, he held the key to a different universe. To blow that horn would open up a door through space-time and permit entry to a cosmos whose dimensions and laws were not those our starry galxy knows. For that other universe was a place of tiers, world upon world piled upon each other like the landings of a sky-piercing mountain. The one to blow that horn would ascend those steps, from creation to creation, until he would come face to face with the being whose brain-child it was. But what if that maker of universes was a madman? Or an imposter? Or a super-criminal hiding from the wrath of his own superiors?

2. The Gates of Creation
Wolff-Jadawin, demigod in Earthman's guise and Lord of the World of the Tiers, opened his eyes to see the symbol of the Master-Lord Urizen floating below the ceiling. The summons from the cruelest of the universe-makers was direct and urgent. Jadawin's beautiful wife had been abducted and held captive by the satanic Urizen. To redeem her, Jadawin was required to enter the many-leveled universe constructed by Urizen for his personal torment. Joined by several of his siblings, without his extra-human powers, forced to venture through world after booby-trapped world to storm the gates of creation itself!

3. A Private Cosmos
First "Tiers" novel featuring Earth-born Kickaha. Jadawin and his wife have disappeared, leaving the World of Tiers threatened by invasion and chaos. Human bodies taken over by Lord minds are pouring through uncharted gates. They seek two things: domination of every private cosmos, and the death of the Trickster, who knows too much.


4. Behind the Walls of Terra
Paul Janus Finnegan was called Kickaha on the artificial universes created by that always fueding super-race known as the Lords. Though he was a mortal Earthman, he had managed to survive every intrigue, war, test and opponent they could devise.

But it was when he found his way back to his own world that Kickaha faced the greatest dangers of his adventure-filled career. For he knew the secrets of the powers that moved the cosmos, and this made him a threat -- a target of the terrible hidden forces contending for this very universe.

5. The Lavalite World
Urthona's private world was a place of sudden land shifts...of mountains that sank into valleys, and plans that rose into peaks. Kickaha was trapped there with Anana and they were all in desperate straits. Because there was only one gate out of that world, located within Urthona's palace. And finding that palace, which moved as often as the landscape itself, was by no means a simple task.

6. Red Orc's Rage
Sent into the world of Tiers by a well-meaning doctor in the mental hospital where he is incarcerated, teenage troublemaker Jim Grimson finds himself in a world of fantasy and danger.

7. More Than Fire
In More Than Fire, Farmer concludes this epic series with the ultimate battle between Kickaha and Red Orc, with the entire existence of the pocket universes at stake. The long-awaited climax of one of the most popular and long-running adventure series in the history of science fiction is a colorful, complex, bloodthirsty, sexy explosion. The fast-paced story spans many worlds of wonders, reveals many secrets of the history of the World of Tiers, and ends with a shout of victory.

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