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President Trump says he has a new nickname for Ted Cruz now that they're on the same side. 'It's Beautiful Ted! I call him Texas Ted!' the president said on Monday as he left the White House to campaign for the Republican senator in Houston. Trump is campaigning with his former foe for the first time tonight at the Toyota Center after a bitter rivalry in 2016 that ended after the president won the Oval Office.

Trump says the U.S. will keep building nuclear arsenal 'until people come to their senses'

President Donald Trump vowed the U.S. would keep adding to its nuclear arsenal 'until people come to their senses' – and directly pointed his remarks and Russia and China. Trump said Russia has violated the Cold War agreement that that eliminated nuclear missiles from Europe. He announced Saturday he wants to pull out of the The Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. The move would require Senate approval.

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NEW New Orleans Saints offensive guard Jermon Bushrod's newborn baby girl passed away, the 12-year NFL veteran announced on social media. He did not specify how the baby died.

Sarah Silverman has revealed she gave her old friend Louis CK permission to masturbate in front of her on multiple occasions.

Mystery of the massive mile wide 'monolith' iceberg:

The strange gigantic 'monolith' iceberg has been spotted by NASA scientists flying over Antarctica. The rectangular berg was spotted off the east coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, near the Larsen C ice shelf. NASA experts believe it may have recently broken off the shelf, and say the sharp angles and flat surfaces are evidence the break occured very recently.

Animal Welfare Group PETA argued that cow's milk is 'a symbol of white supremacy' as the dairy industry inflicts pain and torture on 'living things'. The claim generated reaction on Twitter.

Alvin Ray Quarles, 56, was granted parole on October 12. He was 27 years old when he was sentenced to 50 years in prison in 1989 for raping more than a dozen women in southern California.

Amy Schumer 'announces pregnancy' as she Photoshops her face onto Meghan Markle's image

Amy Schumer has announced she is pregnant. The comic shared a picture of pregnant royals Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, replacing their faces with those of herself and husband Chris Fishcer.  The caption told fans to visit the Instagram page of political journalist Jessica Yellin, where the announcement was made, amid campaigning for the midterm elections.

When Seattle raised its minimum wage, many businesses responded by slashing the hours of new workers, indicating that fixing income inequality may not be as simple as it would seem.

The former head of family holding company Edizione which controls Italy's biggest infrastructure group Atlantia, died after a short illness, the family said on Monday.

From keg stands and ice luges to bloodied arrests: Inside the drunken debauchery at New Jersey's infamous Far Hills horse race where tens of thousands raucous revelers partied

New Jersey's infamous Far Hills horse racing meet drew tens of thousands of raucous revelers at the weekend for its annual alcohol-fueled festivities. The charity horse race, which marked its 98th year on Saturday, has become notorious for its booze-filled, drunken antics. For the first time in the event's history, attendees were legally allowed to place bets. But the drunken debauchery was as present as years gone by - with some even suggesting it was slightly more tame than previous events.

Nick Overton, 27, has managed to make a career out of being a professional video game competitor and is now somewhat of a famous face in the online gaming realm.

O'Connor's son Jay says his mother decided to step back from public life because she was getting physically older and had challenges with short-term memory. She lives in Phoenix, AZ.

Interracial love affair and 1872 marriage uncovered

NEW William Ramey (right), the son of a prominent South Carolina businessman, was 20 years old in 1860 when he met then 14-year-old Kattie Simkins (left), who was a slave on his father's friend's plantation (inset). Ramey and Simkins had their first child during the Civil War and continued their relationship after Ramey returned from fighting. In 1872, the former soldier-turned-lawyer and the former slave-turned seamstress quietly wed, taking advantage of thanks to temporary suspension of laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

Gwinett Police Officer Antwan Toney, 30, was investigating a suspicious vehicle in Snellville, Georgia, on Saturday when he was shot and killed by the occupants inside.

Crown Prince bin Salman 'spoke to Khashoggi by phone to ask him to return to Riyadh MINUTES before' he was murdered by hit squad - as footage emerges of 'Saudi officials burning documents at Istanbul consulate a day later' 

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed (inset) spoke to Jamal Khashoggi (right with his fiancee on the day of his death) by phone to ask him to return to Riyadh shortly before the writer was murdered by a hit squad, a Turkish news outlet has claimed. Khashoggi, 59, was reportedly arrested by a 15-strong team of Saudi officials soon after entering the embassy building in Istanbul on October 2. According to the Turkish news website Yeni Safak, he then spoke on the phone to 33-year-old Saudi ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who tried to convince the journalist to return to the kingdom. It comes as a Turkish TV channel (main footage) claimed Saudi officials burned evidence in the garden of their Istanbul consulate the day after Khashoggi was killed inside.

Saudi royal aide 'orchestrated Khashoggi killing with  Skype orders'

Saudi royal aide Saud Al-Qahtani (left) ran social media for the crown prince, masterminded the arrest of hundreds of his country's elite and detained a Lebanese prime minister.  And, according to two intelligence sources, he orchestrated journalist Jamal Khashoggi's brutal killing at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul by giving orders over Skype. Khashoggi (right on CCTV with his fiancee on the day he was killed), a US-based Saudi journalist often critical of Saudi Arabia and its leadership, walked into the Istanbul consulate at around 1 pm on October 2, to pick up some documents that would allow him to marry.

Saudi Arabia's foreign minister said the country does not know where the journalist's body is, amid claims it was rolled up in a rug and smuggled out of the consulate in Istanbul.

Top executives and officials have distanced themselves from the Future Investment Initiative, due to begin in Riyadh on Tuesday, over the killing of dissident journalist Khashoggi.

Trump dares TV reporter to take cameras into migrant caravan to look for MS-13 gangsters

'Go into the middle and search,' the president said. 'You're going to find MS-13. You're going to find Middle Eastern[ers]. You're going to find everything. And guess what? We're not allowing them in our country. We want safety. We want safety,' Trump told journalists at the White House. Democrats and Republicans have fought for days about how to describe the sea of humanity known as a migration 'caravan.' To the political left, they're asylum seekers fleeing poverty and civil wars driven by narco-trafficking. On the right they're seen as opportunists, urged by Trump's political adversaries to be as visible as possible in the days leading up to a congressional election and nudge Democrats to the polls. Trump has largely blamed the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, warning that he'll turn off the foreign-aid spigot as punishment for threatening U.S. border security.

PIERS MORGAN: Abuse thrown at Trump makes him stronger

President Trump is winning. There is simply no other way to fairly interpret the fact that he's just hit a new high in his approval rating. He's officially more popular than his predecessor Barack Obama was at the exact same stage of his first tenure. America's liberals will respond to the shock poll in the way they respond to all things Trump - with fury, incredulity and by sticking their collective heads in the sand. 'HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING?' they will wail, uncontrollably. 'WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO LIKE HIM?' they will howl into each other's kale salads.

A California judge on Monday ordered Michael Avenatti to pay $4.85 million to an attorney at his former law firm. Avanatti is toying with a possible 2020 presidential run.

Jared Kushner gushes about Ivanka Trump and calls Donald Trump a 'great grandfather'

The White House adviser, 37, (pictured left with Ivanka, 36, and their children Arabella, seven, Joseph, five, and Theodore, two), spoke for almost 44 minutes with CNN 's Van Jones, 50, on Monday in New York City (inset). Asked what it's like to have Donald Trump, 72, as a father-in-law, Jared told the CNN host: 'I can definitely say that he's a very special person and I've really enjoyed getting to know him over the last - I guess decade, since I met Ivanka.' Jared called his father-in-law (pictured top right with Arabella and bottom right with Joseph) a 'great grandfather' and said the president has a candy drawer where his grandchildren can get 'stuff their mom won't let them have'.

Researchers surveyed Arizona university students around the time of President Trump's inauguration, and found the average stress score to be on par with that of school shooting witnesses.

Wife swap star who shot dead mom and brother will not face death penalty

Jacob Stockdale, who appeared in the TV show Wife Swap in 2008 (bottom right) with his family, 26, shot dead his mother Kathryn, 54, and younger brother James, 21 (with Jacob top right), last June at their home in Beach City, Ohio. He shot himself in the head afterwards as police made their way into the home but survived and has spent the last year undergoing rehabilitation and medical treatment for his brain and head injuries.

Melanie Marden, the woman who portrayed a naked Melania Trump in rapper T.I.'s music video teaser, filed a police report on Sunday night after receiving a terrifying death threat. 

An estimated 44 million Americans owe more than $1.4 trillion in student loans, and people of color and Millennials are the most likely to struggle with the amount they have to pay each month.

House owned by country music star Luke Bryan is 'severely damaged' by Hurricane Michael

A house belonging to the mother of country music star Luke Bryan was 'severely damaged' by Hurricane Michael which devastated parts of Florida. Images show Bryan's mother LeClaire, 71, (pictured bottom right with her son) sifting through the rubble of what used to be her home in Mexico Beach. At one point LeClaire Bryan appears to be overwhelmed by the destruction and is comforted by a man identified as James Whiddon (bottom left). Her property was in the path of destruction caused by Michael that stretched from the Florida Panhandle all the way to the Georgia border. At the time, Bryan took to Twitter to ask followers to pray for those in the path of Hurricane Michael. Shocking before and after images (main) from the street outside her home and aerial shots from above show the toll the storm had on her neighborhood. A framed copy of sheet music from Bryan's single Rain Is A Good Thing was also seen on the floor of her home. 

Female NYPD cop being investigated for smashing her panties into a subordinate's face

A female New York Police Department sergeant in an embattled precinct is being investigated over allegations she smashed her lacy panties into a male subordinate's face. Detective Victor Falcon claims that he and Sgt. Ann Marie Guerra were in the unisex locker room in Brooklyn's 72 Precinct on October 7.  He complained to her about leaving her underwear lying around, which sent her into a tailspin, according to the Daily News.  The 38-year-old allegedly took her panties and rubbed them on Falcon's face, in an attempt to stuff them into his mouth and screamed at him 'They are f***ing clean!''   

Packing sustained maximum winds of 160mph, Hurricane Willa became a rare Category 5 storm Monday morning, threatening potentially catastrophic damage along Mexico's west coast.

Academics tested the fragments and found that the 'show characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin and therefore will no longer be displayed at the museum,' the institution said.

Gucci, private jets, guns and cocaine! Instagram photos show how El Chapo's fugitive son is living a lavish life - despite being on the DEA's most wanted list - as his drug lord father's trial is set to begin in NY

The fugitive son of infamous Mexican drug lord El Chapo has been living a very lavish life as he brazenly shows off his wealth, guns and drugs on social media while his father languishes in a New York prison. Jesus Alfredo Guzman-Salazar, who is one of the 10 most wanted fugitives on the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's list, frequently shares photos on Instagram showcasing his luxurious lifestyle in Mexico. The 35-year-old - commonly known as 'Alfredillo' - also regularly pays tribute to his drug lord father, praising him as his best friend and a 'great person' who 'helps the poor'. In a series of recent posts on his private Instagram page, Alfredo has shamelessly shared photos of his collection of luxury cars, private jets and Gucci purchases.

A new study from Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found fathers who exercised had children with lower levels of body fat and who could better process glucose in the blood.

Rural Americans face countless health disparities. Poor access to trauma centers, and long ambulance rides cost 7,600 lives a year, Brigham and Women's Hospital study finds.

Royal fans go into meltdown over 'absolutely adorable' footage of Kate and William's graduation ceremony that's resurfaced on social media - complete with a glimpse of guest of honor the Queen

A touching video of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's graduation ceremony at St Andrews university is doing the rounds on social media. The clip sees the couple at the age of 23 collecting their degrees, a 2:1 in geography for William and a 2:1 in art history for Kate. And watching the pair with pride is William's family including Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince Philip and the Queen herself who is every bit the proud grandmother.

Mr Markle, 74, (pictured) was snapped at his home in the beach town of Rosarito, Mexico over the weekend as the Duchess of Sussex carried out royal duties half the world away in Australia.

It appears Meghan Markle, 37, may have sustained a small injury since kicking off her Australia tour in earnest last Tuesday - she's had a plaster on the middle finger of her left hand since Friday.

The Talk host Eve defends Sharon Osbourne after she insisted Meghan Markle isn't black

The Talk host Eve has come to co-star Sharon Osbourne's defense after she insisted Meghan Markle 'isn't black' during an on-air segment (right) last week. The 39-year-old told DailyMailTV that Osbourne's comments are sometimes misconstrued because of her outspoken nature. The 66-year-old British-born host had sparked a debate among the co-hosts on Wednesday after saying Markle does not 'look black to anybody.' She later clarified saying biracial people in Europe are considered to be of mixed race as opposed to just one or the other. Eve added: 'I knew what she meant because I love her and I get it. I lived in England and so I get it. I think she's just being her honest self, always.'

Getty's royal photographer Chris Jackson shared a vintage magazine cover from 1957, featuring a 36-year-old Prince Philip in military attire, and pointed out how much he looks like his grandson.

EXCLUSIVE: Taking inspiration from the duchess' banana loaf recipe, royal enthusiasts have been getting into the spirit by trying the recipe out for themselves according to Waitrose.

Rae Carruth flashes a smile and gets APPLAUSE as he's freed from prison: Ex-NFL star who ordered the murder of his pregnant girlfriend, which left his son brain damaged, says he is 'excited to be out of here' after 18 years inside

Ex-NFL player Rae Carruth was released from prison today after spending nearly twenty years behind bars for conspiring to murder his pregnant girlfriend. The Carolina Panthers' 1997 first-round draft pick was released from Sampson Correctional Institution in Clinton, North Carolina, after completing his sentence of 18 to 24 years. Carruth did not speak to reporters on as he left the prison wearing a knit cap and an unzipped jacket on a chilly morning with temperatures in the high 30s. There was a smattering of applause as Carruth got into a white SUV and was whisked away from the prison. Carruth, now 44, was found guilty of orchestrating a plot to kill Cherica Adams on Nov. 16, 1999, in Charlotte, North Carolina, to avoid paying child support. Adams was shot four times while driving her car, but managed to make a 911 call that helped implicate Carruth. Adams fell into a coma and died less than a month later after the shooting.

A new University of Michigan study has found that cutting down on junk food such as pizza and chips can cause withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, mood swings and cravings.

Researchers from the Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK, found that in the oesophagus alone, up to 80 per cent of cells contain mutations that have the potential to cause cancer even if they seem healthy.

Indonesian communities in remote corner of New Guinean jungle slowly abandon traditional

The Korowai people, who live in southeastern Papua, on Indonesian New Guinea, are thought to have been completely disconnected from the outside world until the 1970s, and later became known for their distinctive tree houses 140ft above the ground - a way of life now largely abandoned for villages on the ground. Photographs taken by a visiting snapper from Russia shows members of one of the small tribal communities go about their daily life, chopping down palm trees, cooking and gathering food.

Bored Panda has shared a selection of the easiest psychological hacks that will help you get the best out of any situation, including nodding when you ask questions to persuade people to agree.

Alyssa Milano is hounded by conservative journalist over her friendship with controversial Muslim women's rights activist Linda Sarsour

Milano was speaking at Politicon in Los Angeles on a panel with several other #MeToo figures when Laura Loomer, a former Project Veritas operative and conservative freelance journalist, confronted her. She asked Milano to publicly condemn Sarsour, saying: 'I want to ask you right now to disavow Linda Sarsour because she is a supporter of Sharia law and under Sharia law, women are oppressed, forced to wear a hijab.' Loomer was escorted out of the room as she tried to finish her questions while Milano and others yelled back at her in defense of Sarsour: 'No she doesn't.' As Loomer was led out of the room to the jeers of the crowd, Milano said: 'If we don't know how to talk to one another we'll never evolve.'

Lynn Burge, 32, of Muenster, Texas, was arrested Thursday for allegedly having sex with two students, ages 16 and 18. Burge is married with two children. She resigned from teaching last week.

Mila Malkovec, seven, from Boulder, Colorado, was diagnosed with Batten disease, a rare and fatal inherited disorder, in December 2016. But a new drug appears to be lessening her symptoms.

Karlie Kloss sits on the floor and eats wedding cake at 2AM

Karlie, 26, took to Instagram Stories on Sunday to share a photo of herself eating on the floor, writing: 'Finally got to eat my @milkbarstore wedding cake at 2am.' The snapshot, which was taken in the early hours of Friday morning, shows Karlie wearing her custom-made Dior wedding gown. The model also posted a picture of herself using a fork to dig into the vanilla rainbow cake, which was layered with cake crumbs and topped with vanilla frosting. Karlie and her new husband, Joshua Kushner, 33, said 'I do' in a surprise ceremony in upstate New York on Thursday.'

Elizabeth Smart, who was kidnapped from her parents' house aged 14 in 2002, has joined the police appeal for information on Jayme Closs, 13, who went missing from her parents' house last week.

Four Americans killed in Costa Rica rafting accident are named

(Left to right): Jorge Caso, Sergio Lorenzo, Ernesto Sierra and Andres Denis, all died after their raft flipped over on the Naranjo river shortly after 3pm. All four of the men were from Miami and were celebrating their friend Luis Beltran's bachelor party at the time. Local guide Kevin Thompson Reid also died.

Dylan Jarrell, 20, of Kentucky, was arrested Thursday for allegedly threatening to shoot up multiple schools. He was stopped outside his home with a car full of ammo and wearing a Kevlar vest.

Elon Musk is considering launching a feature called 'dog mode,' for when canine owners have to step away from their vehicle for some time while their pooch is still inside.

Chelsea Clinton wears her favorite nude heels for panel with Bill and Hillary

Chelsea, 38, was in Chicago for the weekend with her parents, Bill, 72, and Hillary, 70, for a weekend-long forum held by the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU). The family discussed civil engagement with more than 1,000 students during Saturday's panel discussion at the University of Chicago. The former first daughter donned a simple, yet elegant gray knit dress paired with a large chain-link necklace and her trusty patent leather nude pumps. While the shoes have looked a little worse for wear in the past, Chelsea recently had them re-soled and re-heeled.

Russian society beauties at Tatler's Debutantes' Ball in Moscow

Resplendent in breathtaking ballgowns, the next generation of society beauties gathered to make their formal debut at the Tatler Debutante Ball in Moscow on Monday night (top right). Maria Konchalovsky, daughter of film director Egor Konchalvosky, led the dancers out onto the floor (left), accompanied by an orchestra. Pictured bottom right, Leonela Manturov, 23, with her father, Russia's Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, and mother Natalya.

Ecuadorean immigrant, Pablo Villavicencio who was detained by ICE while delivering pizza to an Army base in Brooklyn in June, has been arrested for allegedly slapping his wife (pictured).


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Belgian Playboy model poses naked in Istanbul's Hagia Sophia mosque

A Playboy model who was jailed for taking risque snaps inside an Egyptian temple has stripped off for a daring photo shoot inside Istanbul's iconic Hagia Sophia mosque. Marisa Papen made headlines when she was imprisoned after posing naked in the Karnak Temple Complex near the Egyptian city of Luxor. She also caused outrage with religious communities after posing nude in the holy city of Jerusalem to the backdrop of the Wailing Wall, considered one of the most important sites in Judaism.

NEW A new study from the University of L'Aquila in Italy found that patients with hypertension and gum disease are 20 percent less likely to have their blood pressure in a healthy range.

Shocking footage of two cops in Argentina are caught on video savagely beating down a 17-year-old suspected stealing a car with a 16-year-old at gunpoint

A pair of police officers in Bernal, Argentina have been fired after they were seen on video beating down a 17-year-old, who along with a 16-year-old, was accused of participating in a carjacking at gunpoint last week. An internal affairs investigation removed both cops from the police force and is currently investigating another two who stood by and didn't stop their partners. Family members said the beaten teen was returning home from work when he was pulled over by the cops.

People with penicillin allergies are more likely to get antibiotic-resistant infections such as C.difficile or MRSA, which can be life-threatening - yet 90 per cent are wrongly diagnosed.

Boko Haram jihadis are currently setting fire to homes in the village of Mifa, five miles from the town of Chibok (pictured) in north eastern Nigeria, where militants kidnapped 276 schoolgirls in 2014.

Thanks to sophisticated technology, scientists are developing clothing that can monitor, and even treat, our health problems. But what's worth your money? We tested the best...

Bravo Trotta and a friend were walking by a park northern Argentina when they found seven dead dogs, including two pregnant, hanging from a tree. Four puppies were rescued

Bearded Texas truck driver dons a 'pretty black dress' to take his son to the school bus as punishment after the 11-year-old was 'rude to his mother'

Joseph Blakeney, a married father-of-two working as a tow truck driver in Texas, donned a black dress (left) on Friday and stood outside to punish his son (pictured right) for disrespecting his mother. While some critics slammed Blakeney as a bully for embarrassing the boy, the father insisted that his 11-year-old found his sartorial stunt funny.

With the UK approaching winter, many start coughing while they battle winter colds and flu. Although for most coughing up mucus is nothing serious, it can be a sign of something sinister.

General Electric (GE) are building an engine, called the Affinity, which will make supersonic commercial flight a possibility and slash flight times from London to New York by three hours.

The mice on Gough Island, which is located in the South Atlantic Ocean in the same territory as Saint Helena, have evolved to be 'two or three times larger' than the average house mouse.

Fans were excited to see Grande in a white wedding gown when news broke in June she was engaged to Pete Davidson. But according to TMZ, that was likely never going to happen.

Martha Stewart, 77, tells DailyMailTV her love life is still in full swing

Martha Stewart said she definitely has time for romance, as well as launching an electric pressure cooker, a new cookbook and starring on two cooking shows. The lifestyle guru has no plans of slowing down she told DailyMailTV host Jesse Palmer as she cooked up a Moroccan feast for him in an exclusive two-part interview airing on Monday and Tuesday. Martha describes her dating life as 'simple' and 'fun', although she admits she had a 'brutal' run with Match.com. The tough businesswoman revealed her soft side when she said she has a hard time eliminating hopeful chefs on Chopped and admitted she eats the contestants' dishes with chopsticks in case it tastes bad (bottom right). She also opened up about her friendship with Snoop Dogg (top right), saying she loves working with the 'very smart' rapper as they head into the third season of their show .

Kuriakose Kattuthara, a Catholic priest who had given evidence against against Bishop Franco Mulakkal (pictured), was found dead in a church in the northern state of Punjab.

John Wayne Morris, 37, who had no connection to the family, entered the house in Texas at 11pm on Tuesday. He allegedly told the victim somebody would kill her children if she bought back.

Contrary to his own and his team's denials, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Rajon Rondo did, in fact, spit on Houston Rockets point guard Chris Paul on Saturday night, according to the NBA.

The state imported at least £493million in the last year alone, despite UN sanctions outlawing such trade over the country's nuclear and missile programmes, a South Korean MP said.

Akron police officers are filmed tasering and punching 'fugitive' suspect as he groans and cries 'I can't breathe'

The incident took place in Akron, Ohio, on Sunday and was filmed in part by some of the man's neighbors. They say he was smoking marijuana when two officers confronted him. By the time the neighbors had started filming, the first two cops, a man and a woman, had him on the ground and were wrestling with him to keep him still. More officers arrived later and immediately began punching the man as he writhed on the ground. While the neighbors yelled at them to stop, the officers carried on. By the end of the video, there were 10 police officers there. Akron Police Department have still not revealed why the man was arrested. He was taken to hospital afterwards but they insist it was because he was on drugs. They have not revealed what type of drugs he was suspected of taking at the time and the man has not been named.

Themba Tyongose, 54, lives with wife Nokwanda, 35, and their three children Abongile, 15, Siphosethu, nine, and Linamandla, seven, in a township outside Cape Town, and they all have albinism.

Red Hot Chili Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis was ejected from Saturday's Rockets-Lakers game in Los Angeles for giving Chris Paul the finger after the NBA All-Star's brawl with Rajon Rondo.

The survey of nearly 70,000 French adults comes amid a flurry of interest in the cancer risks of pesticides, spurred by this summer's Monsanto trial, which found Roundup gave a man cancer.

William Hofmeyr, 51, was on patrol in Kenya when he saw a Maasai warrior sleeping under a tree and woke him up to warn him that there was a hungry pride of lions nearby.

Hayley Bloomingdale married in a lavish California beach wedding

The heiress to the New York department store married her partner, lighting designer Dada Stileman, in a lavish ceremony in Santa Barbara, California over the weekend. The couple, pictured top inset leaving their nuptials, and bottom inset at Princess Eugenie's ceremony, wed in a traditional church ceremony before a guest list of society's elite before enjoying a reception at the Four Seasons hotel Biltmore where they partied into the night. Hayley, 32, who is pictured left being walked down the aisle by her father Robert Bloomingdale, stunned in an ivory gown with a plunging lace neckline and a full chiffon skirt decorated with dozens of intricate flowers. Hayley was accompanied down the aisle by a troupe of adorable flower girls and pageboys, pictured right, as Eugenie was a week earlier.

Former Philadelphia Phillies centerfielder Lenny Dykstra pleaded innocent to drug and other charges stemming from a May incident in which he allegedly threatened to shoot an Uber driver.

Christie Gomez (left), of California, experienced a rideshare nightmare after her Lyft driver had a mental breakdown during her ride. After pulling over the man locked himself in a gas station bathroom.

The veteran actress, 79, had previously admitted she was struggling to make ends meet after suffering a 'life-threating' accident earlier this year which 'came close to killing her' - according to friends.

Eye-watering moment woman 'accidentally' chins her boyfriend while playing arcade punching game...or is it all just a set up?

The woman is lining up for a shot at a punching bag machine when she misses the bag completely and smacks the man with many people online saying it was intentional. While the footage has racked up tens of thousands of views and nearly 2,000 likes on Twitter, many are convinced the move was deliberate, with some also questioning its legitimacy.

A convicted sex-offender fatally shot himself after being apprehended by police for fleeing the scene of a hit-and-run on the US Route One in Florida. Michael Sardinas, 29, was a registered sex offender.

Rico Pentz, 34, an experienced vet from Gauteng, South Africa had saved the serpent's life and painstakingly nursed it back to full health after he found it lying in the bush having been hit by a car.

Cindy Lim, 32, and Tristan Yeats, 35, kicked off their epic road trip with their 10-week-old daughter Harper Yeats on June 17. She visited her last state, Vermont, at five months old.

The dog who's running with the wrong pack: Curious hound is caught on camera frolicking with bears in the wild

Footage filmed on a drone captured the unlikely friendship as a Russian Laika dog joins the company of three brown bears near village of Ust-Kamchatsk in Russian region of Kamchatka. The animated grey dog happily bounds alongside the bears as they make their way through a vast stretch of land.

A talented man wearing jeans and a grey hoodie shows off his acrobatic skills by grabbing onto the metal pole in a gymnasium and lifting his body so he is elevated off the ground.

Uber's dream of delivering food via drones may no longer be just pie in the sky. The ride-hailing giant is eyeing the launch of its drone delivery service in multiple markets as soon as 2021.

Shocking moment cops pepper spray and tackle a drunk father in the middle of Orlando airport after he 'attacked JetBlue staff because he was angry his flight was delayed'

Brandon Strong, 45, of Utah, was arrested at Orlando International Airport on Sunday after getting into am alcohol-fueled scuffle with JetBlue staff and resisting a police officer who responded to the melee. The violent clash involved Strong getting pepper-sprayed and pinned to the floor, and was caught on video.

The silk is built inside specialised glands that transform proteins into sturdy fibres using a series of complex chemical processes, researchers at Northwestern University revealed. (Stock image)

Muslim and Christian youths clashed in the town of Kasuwan Magani in Kaduna. President Muhammadu Buhari (pictured) said Nigerians should stop frequently resorting to violence.

A navy helicopter carrying 12 people was filmed plummeting into the sea in Golfo de Santa Clara off the north-western Mexican state of Baja California, leaving two injured and one person missing.

Motorist is killed after a huge BOULDER crashes down onto the roof of his car in Guatemala 

Erick Castenada, 36, was driving home from work near the city of Villa Nueva when the huge rock landed on the roof of his grey Honda (pictured), killing him instantly. Police spokeswoman Dalia Santos said the rockfall had been caused by heavy rain storms in the area.

Ford's driverless fleet will carry customers and make deliveries for businesses across all corners of the nation's capital, and is part of a $4bn push into self driving vehicles.

Researchers at Ghent University, Belgium trained a machine-learning algorithm and it picked out more than two-thirds of offensive posts from real-life site AskFM (stock).

Scientists at the University of Maryland and University of California, Riverside, say their find could change how we search other planets for signs of extraterrestrial life.

Police are searching for a man in South Carolina who they say took his genitals out at a gas station to flash the woman working there, as he told her to 'Have a blessed day.'

White woman racially abuses a Guatemalan family in a Virginia restaurant, demands to see their passports, and tells them 'don't freeload in this country' after hearing them speaking Spanish

The unnamed woman launched her sickening racist rant at a family of diners at Andy's restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia, (inset) in which she told them to 'get the f*** out' and demanded to see their passports. Police were called to respond to the incident, but no charges were filed against the woman. Part of the tirade was caught on camera by a shocked visitor to the restaurant in which the woman can be heard saying: 'You illegals come to live from the government. You can't live on the government here. Go live from your government.' Left and right: The woman was filmed screaming at the diners in the restaurant.

Army Brigadier General Jeffrey D. Smiley is recovering in hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Gen. Abdul Raziq, police chief of the region was killed by a bodyguard turned Taliban insurgent.

The company, Flushmate, has received more than 1,400 reports in the U.S. of their pressure-assisted toilet flushing systems bursting and causing property damaged totaling about $710,000.

The 83-year-old woman, who is bed-bound, was having an argument with her 62-year-old caretaker when the latter suddenly grabbed a stick and hit the pensioner repeatedly in her flat in Liaoning, China.

Houston Texans fan is KNOCKED OUT with a sucker punch 'after his girlfriend threw a beer at rival Jaguars supporters' during NFL game

Police and security guards were forced to break up brawling supporters in Jacksonville on Sunday after a Houston Texans fan was knocked out with a sucker punch near the end of the game. Video captured by Richard Elliott, who follows the Jaguars, shows and older man with a shaved head being confronted by several other men before one throws a sucker punch to the back of his head. The man slumps over and is pushed down some concrete steps before a woman, who appears to be his partner, throws punches back. Elliott can be heard on the video accusing the woman of throwing beer at her rivals.

Drag racer, 35, is killed in late night horror crash when car is cut in half after filming his final minutes on Instagram

Jesus Montenegro-Posada, 35, also known as Melo, died after wrapping his 1997 Honda Civic around a telephone pole in Sunnyside during a race. He was racing another car at the time but no more details have yet emerged. Posada was well known in the underground racing community because of his ability to tune cars. Shortly before he died, a video was uploaded to his Instagram story which showed two vehicles revving and speeding off.

Researchers from the University of Alberta found that being active three times an hour with seven minute bursts of light-intensity exercise helps a person burn 770 calories a day.

Salty subterranean lakes on the red planet are capable of producing enough oxygen to support microbes - and even simple animals, say scientists from California Institute of Technology.

Antipsychotic drugs are common treatments for delirious patients in the ICU, and have been for unclear reasons for 40 years. But Vanderbilt University research shoes they have no benefits.

Heidi Chalkley crushed to death by faulty automatic garage doors

Social worker Heidi Chalkley, 40 (left) was pulled into the mechanism of the metal shutters in an underground car park (right) in Ruth Bagnall Court in Cambridge after she took hold of it with her arms. Her friend Susan Gilmore watched in horror as she rose three feet from the floor, before blood started coming from her mouth. A man living nearby then tried to push her up by legs in a desperate attempt to save her, but was told by paramedics it was too late. Ms Gilmore, who had known Ms Chalkley for a year, said: 'As it went up Heidi said to me, 'Have you ever held on to it as it goes up? Heidi grabbed hold of the shutters. I thought she was going to let go. She started to panic as her hands got caught on the barrier.' A post-mortem examination showed that Ms Chalkley had suffered fractures to her jaw, ribs, spine and arms. Her cause of death was multiple injuries. Ms Chalkley's father James (inset left), son Callum Smoothy (inset middle) and ex-husband Andrew Smoothy (inset right) are pictured outside the inquest today.

The veteran NFL Network reporter, 44, got a less than warm reception however when she was smacked in the back of the head by a wayward football as the two teams warmed up on the field.

Sloane Stephens won the battle of the last two US Open champions to beat Naomi Osaka 7-5 4-6 6-1 at the WTA Finals in Singapore. American Stephens edged the first set.

And Amber Heard, 32, discussed her Human Rights experiences on the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the United Nations (UDHR) in Geneva.

A snake was filmed pulling a rat back into a home air conditioning unit after dropping down to snare its prey at a residence in the southern port city of Gangzhou in China.

Rome comes to a standstill after it was battered by torrential rain and hail

Massive chunks of hail and torrential rain battered Rome when a storm struck on Sunday evening. The adverse weather blanketed streets with icy chunks and trapped many drivers in their cars in the city's eastern neighbourhoods. Some drivers abandoned their cars in the middle of streets and were pictured slowly making their way through hail-covered streets.

The nature documentary-style footage uses high-resolution images from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to reveal an unprecedented look at the surface of Earth's only natural satellite.

A shameless elderly man has angered Sydney commuters once again as he took up six seats on a peak-hour train as he leisurely reclined backwards with his feet on the chair in front of him.

The Asian elephant who learnt to use a tablet: Incredible experiment reveals the animals have maths skills 'closer to humans than other animals'

Asian elephants are the king of maths in the animal world, researchers have found. Researchers in Tokyo were able to teach Authai, a 14 year old female elephant, to use a giant touchscreen showing maths problems. She was able to successfully choose from pictures which contained the most items - by pointing at them with her trunk.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine is encouraging people to eat fatty foods based on the personal views of its editor rather than robust evidence, 168 scientists have claimed.

Shocking video shows thieves stealing a $75,000 Tesla Model S by remotely hacking the key fob (but then struggling to work out how to unplug it)

Surveillance footage shows the crooks using a tablet to pick up the signal from the owner's nearby key fob to unlock the car. However, they can't seem to figure out how to unhook it from its charger. In all, it only takes the thieves a few minutes to make off with Essex, England resident Antony Kennedy's Model S.

A mischievous toddler gave his mother quite the fright after he decided to get himself a homemade tattoo sleeve while left unaccompanied at his home in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A determined dog was filmed executing an expert jailbreak after leaping over his playpen. The feisty dog was filmed by his owners at their home in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ancient sculptures were COLOURED and not whitewashed pieces of art

The empires of Ancient Greece and the Romans produced many marble sculptured which are synonymous with the long-ago era. Researchers now believe they were originally coloured. A variety of ultra-high resolution imagery was used to detect the presence of pigmentation and examples of re-imagined work includes a Trojan archer from 500 BC with harlequin patterned tights, a lion with ochre fur and the darkly coloured pubic hairs and a colour reconstruction of the Phrasikleia Kore, completed in 2010.

Getting in the family groove! Woman who is pregnant with TRIPLETS tries to dance her way into labor, shaking her enormous baby bump while boogying with her husband and their daughter

NEW Cara Chatwin, 29, is about to welcome three new babies with her husband Darik Hunter Chatwin, 29. The pair, who lives in Utah, already has a daughter named Gemma, who is almost two. Thirty-two weeks into Cara's pregnancy, which is considered full-term for her, the mother decided to take part in the Baby Mama Dance Challenge — a social media trend that sees mothers who have reached the term of their pregnancy dance to see if the movement induces labor. Cara can thus be seen in a fun video in black leggings and an Adidas crop top, her pregnant belly on full display, dancing along with Darik and Gemma.

Joseph Green, 34, from Indiana, suffered third and fourth degree burns to his lower body after crashing his truck in 2016, and subsequently had both his legs and his penis amputated.

Instagram star, 32, who teaches women how to date BILLIONAIRES reveals she enjoys an affluent lifestyle through 'the men she's been with' - after transforming her looks to 'enter high society'

Anna Bey, 32 - who also goes by the moniker JetSetBabe - said women 'shouldn't be judged' for living off their rich husbands, but added that she wasn't a fan of the word 'gold-digger'. The London-based blogger, who is dating a Lebanese banker, added that she would struggle to be with a man who wasn't wealthy, commenting: 'I do prioritise a comfortable lifestyle'.

Chinese motherboard manufacturer Super Micro Computer said in a letter to customers that it's conducting a review of its hardware in light of a controversial hacking report.

The Boeing 757 aircraft was flying from Orlando, Florida, to Keflavik, Iceland, with 155 passengers and seven crew. It diverted to Bagotville in Quebec after the incident.

The tiny tin shack island with 500 residents on Africa's Lake Victoria

Migingo Island, in the waters of Lake Victoria, has been a source of tension between Uganda and Kenya for over a decade with the two countries unable to decide to whom it really belongs. They were once pushed to the brink of what some said would have been Africa's 'smallest war' over the island. The densely populated island is barely a quarter of a hectare large, its residents crammed into a maze of corrugated-iron homes. There's little else but a few bars, brothels and a tiny port. While fishing communities around Lake Victoria have seen their catches slowly diminish over the years, the deep waters surrounding Migingo abound with catch such as Nile Perch.

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Stunning footage shows a giant cave hall vast enough to fit two Great Pyramids inside at the bottom of a 650ft long sinkhole in China

A team of Chinese and British explorers lowered themselves into the 200-metre (656ft) long Nongle sinkhole in Fengshan county in Guangxi using just one rope. Sinkholes occur because of the interaction between water beneath the ground and soil erosion - a process that causes soil and rock to collapse in.

Manual scavangers brave stench and filth in the most deplorable conditions imaginable when they descend into the gutters to risk their lives for a meagre pay of around 7,500 to 10,000 rupees a month.

The much anticipated Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge will open to traffic on Wednesday 9am local time. Construction on the 55-kilometre (34-mile) crossing started nine years ago.

Taiwanese passenger train was going at nearly TWICE the speed limit when it derailed and killed 18 people, investigators say

The passenger train that derailed in north-east Taiwan yesterday was speeding at nearly twice the limit while travelling around a bend, preliminary investigations revealed. However, it is yet to be determined whether the derailment was caused by human error or technical malfunction, Central News Agency reported citing Wu Tze-cheng, head of the task force set up to investigate the fatal accident that left 18 people dead and more than 180 injured. A 12-second video of the crash in Yilan county shows the eight-car Puyuma Express carrying 366 passengers going around a bend before losing control and running off the tracks. Taiwan's president Tsai Ing-wen pressed for a quick, transparent probe into the cause of one of the island's worst train crashes as the search of the derailed cars ended and crash investigators examined the wreckage.


Showbiz extra

Is THIS what the ideal man looks like?

EXCLUSIVE: Researchers at Men's Pharmacy looked at stars including Tom Hardy, Jamie Dornan and Anthony Joshua, and merged their faces together to create an image of what the 'perfect' human being might look like. The 'perfect man' combines features including Aidan Turner's curly hair, Tom Hardy's piercing eyes and Chris Hemsworth's chiselled jawline.

Shocking moment hiker falls off a cliff while climbing the 'most dangerous section' of the Great Wall of China

A tourist climbing the Great Wall of China yesterday fell off a cliff in front of her companions after losing her grip. The woman was hiking the Jiankou Great Wall, a wild section of the ancient stone fortress in Beijing, and was rescued. Jiankou (inset) is considered one of the most dangerous parts of the Ming Great Wall which was constructed between 1551 to 1555.



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