Course Overview

The Web is a powerful delivery tool for complex real-time applications. This is a new hands-on course that will introduce the state of the art (2017) of full-stack web development. You will learn to build not only interactive web applications, but also chatbots, and mobile apps. This class will be an adventure and requires active participation both inside and outside of class. There will be lab projects, exercises in class, and a collaborative final project.

By the end of term, you will:

Topics include: static pages, Internet protocols, layout, markup, event-driven asynchronous programming, deployment, security, scalability, and user experience.

Prerequisites: CS10 or permission of instructor


Will be challenging and rewarding.

See assignments.



Office Hours and Contact:

Tim Tregubov

Half of each class will be hands-on demonstrations, code and project discussions, and exercises. See schedule.


Will be hands-on and interactive. See lectures.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the class and our classroom size, auditing the class will not be permitted. All class material will be posted here online though!


See logistics

prior versions of this class: 16x, 17s