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AdvantagesIt stands by its name, good reputation, gets out and about in other events

DisadvantagesNiche market, long walk from the harbour.

===Information=== Address: Tofu Cute 128 Kingston Road Portsmouth PO2 7PD Telephone:02392653131/08454638638 Email: [email protected] Website: ===About Tofu Cute=== Tofu Cute is a small independent business that specialises

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“Worth Keeping”

published 22/09/2017

AdvantagesA throwback creature feature done right, good effects

DisadvantagesNeither big nor clever

Released in 1997, Peter Hyams' The Relic is both a departure from the action movies I associated with Hyams and also the type of horror movies that populated screens as the turn of the century drew closer. Following Chicago cop D'Agosta (Tom Sizemore),

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AdvantagesStarts very well

DisadvantagesA highly disappointing ending

When I was first out of University, I took on several temporary jobs to make ends meet. Whilst this is a common job for many, it’s a working practice very rarely touched upon in chick-lit novels. Whilst many of the genre’s characters only seem to be at

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Alphabet Challenge

From 09.11.2017 to 09.25.2017

The Alphabet Challenge focused on "Home & Garden" is over! Let's start with a new letter!
For the next two weeks, you can write three reviews on products for which the first letter is drawn in the
following video. The selected category is "DVDs"! The last reviews will be accepted on September 24th at 00h00. Don't forget to send your reviews to validate your participation at the Ciao Support mailbox!
Congratulations to the members jo-1976, danielclark691 and Candyperfumegirl, winners of the last alphabet challenge. £7 for each!
Are you ready? Go!
Good luck Ciaoers!
Your Ciao team.

Ciao Café Current Issue

From 09.14.2017 to 09.28.2017

It’s the end of holidays! Everyone is back to daily life: work, home, children… Sometimes, we think about the good times that we have experienced by saying ourselves that there is nothing better than holidays.
For the next two weeks, share your opinion on the following topic:
What is the best memory of your 2017 holidays?
Write your opinion here before midnight on September 27th. Don’t hesitate to share with us and the Community this wonderful moment by illustrating your review with your personal pictures.
Congratulations to 1st2thebar and sellerleygirl who won the previous debate, £5 for each.
Good luck to all participants! Your Ciao team.

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