"...as direct investing and passive income take over as the new investment paradigms, Assadi might just have the vision to shape the next generation of investors." - OZY Media, July 2017.

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Alexis Assadi. I’m an investor and an entrepreneur, and - as a businessperson - I focus on building passive income.

I spend most of my days running a group of business/real estate financing companies, including one called Pacific Income. We fund entrepreneurs and real estate developers in North America who are looking for growth capital.

I also host the Income Investing podcast, which airs every Wednesday. I explore various income producing assets, ranging from real estate investment trusts (REITs), mortgage funds, dividend stocks, P2P lending and beyond. My goal is for it to be the world’s best source of information for income investors.

I enjoy writing books and creating courses that concentrate on building passive income. That is, earning recurring revenue from your portfolio of businesses and investments. I’m grateful to have over 20,000 subscribers, many of whom have been with me since I launched this site in 2014.

I’m passionate about building passive income because it allowed me to quit my job in my 20s and start my own ventures. After it exceeded my expenses, I then had the freedom I needed to pursue my passions.

I believe that any person can achieve financial independence, through a combination of entrepreneurship, diligent investing and effort.

I don’t necessarily think that the way I’ve chosen to build wealth is superior to other strategies. But it did work for me, so I share both my successes and failures here.

I encourage you scroll above and download my free guide, called The Simple Guide to Building Passive Income.