"...as direct investing and passive income take over as the new investment paradigms, Assadi might just have the vision to shape the next generation of investors." - OZY Media, July 2017.

Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Alexis Assadi. I’m an investor and an entrepreneur, and - as a businessperson - I focus on building passive income. That is, cash flow generated on a recurring basis.

I spend most of my days running a group of business/real estate financing companies, including one called Pacific Income. We fund entrepreneurs and real estate developers in North America who are looking for growth capital.

On the side, I enjoy writing blogs and creating courses that concentrate on building passive income. I've had this site since 2014, so my content, writing style and many of my opinions have changed over time. However, I've left much of my old material up for viewing.

Today, I try to provide facts, not advice, about business/investing that I think people might find useful. When I do opine, it's based on my personal experiences and is never a recommendation for others.

I've found two strategies particularly important in my career: extensive due diligence and focussing on building/acquiring income producing assets. I hope my insight will be helpful to you, too.