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How to Build Passive Income and Become Financially Free

" direct investing and passive income take over as the new investment paradigms, Assadi might just have the vision to shape the next generation of investors." - OZY Media, July 2017.

If there's one thing I know for sure, it's that passive income matters - a lot.

My name is Alexis Assadi. I’m an investor and entrepreneur, and I’m also financially free. That is, the passive income that I earn from my assets exceeds my expenses. As such, I don’t need to rely on a job in order to pay my bills. In fact, I’ve only ever had one “real” job, which I quit at age 28.

I started investing at 19. Not because of foresight, but because my bank convinced me to do so. I was a student back then, working part-time at the campus gym and bar for $11/hr and $13/hr, respectively. I managed to save up $1,000.

Knowing this, one day a banker called and encouraged me to put it all into an investment product – a mutual fund. I had never heard of that before, but I trusted her and invested everything I had.

That initial experience sparked my interest in investing. A few years later, at 23, I came across the concept of passive income.

I didn't know it then, but passive income would change my life forever.

My early years of investing were powerful, but not profitable. Though I learned a lot, I was often frustrated by my inability to be consistently successful. I tried to “time the market” and pick stocks that I thought might go up in price. But I could rarely get it right. There was too much guesswork involved.

But everything changed once I started to invest for monthly income. I found that I could earn revenue – cold, hard cash paid directly into my bank account – and also realize a capital gain if the price increased. However, I no longer depended on trying to predict whether values might rise or fall.

I shifted my portfolio towards monthly income stocks, REITs and MICs. I also explored real estate and private investments, which did quite well for me. Simultaneously, I started small side businesses.

Regardless of the asset, I had one goal in mind: increase my revenue every month. That's all I focused on, and the results were incredible. By 26 years old, I had multiple streams of passive income, which grew to exceed my expenses. I therefore become financially free.

Today, I'm a full-time investor and entrepreneur, and I want to help you build passive income.

I run several businesses, including Pacific Income Capital Corporation and all of the companies within the Assadi Capital Partners umbrella. I finance entrepreneurs, venture capital deals and real estate-based projects.

I'm passionate about funding local companies, because they often create jobs, develop new technologies and innovate. It's a small way for me to contribute to my community. So far, I've invested in over 50 of these kinds of ventures.

In addition, I’ve run this website since 2014. I’m grateful to have hundreds of thousands of readers and over 12,000 email subscribers. Ozy Media, a platform with over 40 million readers, took notice of my material, and in 2017 wrote an article about me, called:

"Forget Warren Buffett - This Millennial Could Be the Next Great Investor" - OZY Media

The vast majority of my content is free. It’s designed to help you take meaningful steps towards achieving financial independence. I cover a range of topics, including stocks, real estate, private investments, cryptocurrencies and entrepreneurship. Once in a while, I’ll also explore mental and motivational strategies.

Before I became financially free, I learned to do business from real businesspeople. I had mentors who were successful investors and entrepreneurs, not professors. Naturally, I made countless mistakes along the way – and I still do. But rather than pretending to be a “guru,” I share my errors and lessons learned on this website, too.

Here's some of what I can offer you:

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“I've been enjoying reading and learning from your emails...Looking forward to putting your words of wisdom into practice. You are very inspiring. Hope we have an opportunity to connect in person.” - John G.

“Thank you for your time and energy in releasing your experiences…I have read a lot of different books that focused on passive income, but yours defines it at a much higher level with a greater understanding of the how to in this day and age. I am in the tunnel and on the journey to financial freedom.” – Curtis N.

“Hey Alexis, no questions today but I just wanted to give you my thanks. I tried sending you a letter but could not find an address of yours to send to, so I thought an email might do. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the knowledge you have provided me. I have learned so much from you, what university hasn’t taught me in my 3 years. I have finally started my investing career, just recently invested a total of $1000 (my portfolio being between REITs and LendingLoop so far). Without you I would not be on this track and I can’t wait for the day when I have reached financial freedom just like you. I am eager to come work and learn hands on from you after I am done university. But in the mean time I just wanted to give my thanks, you’ve directed me to a life I didn’t know I could accomplish or even do and it feels amazing. Thank you.” – Navrup B.

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