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Headline image for Marijuana Stocks, Market Declines, and Investor Q&A

Marijuana Stocks, Market Declines, and Investor Q&A

With the recent decline in markets and upcoming marijuana legalization in Canada, many investors are asking questions (some very hopeful, while others very fearful).

To help address this, we are launching a monthly market update video. The goal is to keep you informed on what is happening in the markets, while also addressing common issues and misconceptions. 

We'll also be answering some common Q&A questions from the member's section, along with those tweeted, using the tag @5iresearchdotca.

Enjoy the video and let us know your feedback if you like this kind of content and format.

Kornel Szrejber Oct 16, 2018

5i Recent Questions

Q: In your reply to my previous question you mentioned you thought Reliq Management had misrepresented revenue. My understanding was that the items to be restated comprise part or all of the Accounts Receivable as reported end of March. Is it considered misrepresentation when A/R turn out to not be collectible do to an unexpected non-reimbursement? It doesn't seem as bad or the same as when Nortel was misrepresenting, booking sales in Texas that had not actually occurred. Any detail you can provide on how analysts view these kind of snafus is appreciated.

Read Answer Asked by John on October 19, 2018

Q: Hi 5i Team
I'm looking for an income stock to hold long term. Please rank these companies in order based on today's prices. Thanks for great service.

Read Answer Asked by Gary on October 19, 2018
5i Recent Reports

Review of Cineplex Inc

OCT 16, 2018 - Cinema operator facing several headwinds including slow growth. Still a well-run company with cheap valuation and near monopoly. Rating downgraded a notch to 'B+'.

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Review of Exco Technologies Ltd.

OCT 16, 2018 - Manufacturer of dies and moulds to the die-cast and automotive industries, facing several headwinds including industry trends and inconsistent results. Valuations remain attractive. Rating maintained at 'B'

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Review of AirBoss of America Corp

OCT 15, 2018 - Rubber compounds manufacturing company facing several headwinds. Well managed company overall with a good balance sheet but needs a catalyst to generate interest. Rating maintained at 'B-'.

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Review of Winpak Ltd

SEP 27, 2018 - Packaging company with strong and consistent fundamentals, but facing several headwinds. Rating downgraded to 'B'.

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