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Rise of Chaos Series by Griffin Smith (#1-2,4-5)
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Overview: Griffin Smith writes fast paced, action packed stories in the Post Apocalyptic and Dystopian genre. Often gritty and raw, his stories include believable characters, and scary, breathtaking storylines that are always filled with unexpected twists and turns. He's a traveler, a nomad, and an adventurer that uses his experiences to fuel his creativity.
Genre: Science Fiction

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Annihilation (Rise of Chaos #1)
This is not for the squeamish or for those who may have weak stomachs. If you're offended by vulgar and crude language or if the thought of a desperate ragtag group of cataclysmic survivors doing what's necessary to stay alive in an apocalyptic world brings any semblance of bile to the back of your throat.
Run like hell..

Camp Freedom (Rise of Chaos #2)
Episode 2 picks up where Pualani has been kidnapped by pirates, and America has fallen to the Annihilation infection. Our enemies have risen up in the Middle East, and formed the League of Islam. They believe this zombie like plague is a sign from the prophet Mohammed to colonize the world, and punishment for being an Infidel.
Join Mason and his group as they discover Camp Freedom, hunt the pirates that are in cahoots with the League of Islam, and try to rescue his companions, kill feeders, and all without getting infected or captured.

American Resistance (Rise of Chaos #4)
American Resistance, Episode 4 in the Rise of Chaos Post-Apocalyptic Adventure Series, picks up two years after the conclusion of Episode 3, Infidel Justice.
Mason and his team, Strike Force Foxtrot have captured a super feeder and brought the hideous zombie like creature back to the bunker in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.
They discover how the league of Islam has been using these monsters to infect and exterminate the American Population.
They devise a plan to launch an offensive to take back Florida or The New Jerusalem as it's now known, and to kill the leader of Radical Islamic uprising Abu Hadi, who has been using these monsters as shock troops to eradicate the people of the United States.

Walking Through Hell (Rise of Chaos #5)
The breathtaking season 1 finale of Rise of Chaos is here.
The American resistance makes a last ditch effort to take back the former state of Florida, now known as the New Jerusalem.
Join Mason and Strike Force Foxtrot as they battle Abu Hadi and his League of Islam invaders. They've found a way to control the zombie like super feeders, through a satellite signal from the former Kennedy Space Center. Walking through Hell is an all-out battle for the survival of the world as we know it.

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“A nuclear-weapons-free world is the highest gift of humanity to the next generation.”
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“A nuclear-weapons-free world is the highest gift of humanity to the next generation.”