Speculative fiction, alternative worlds, futuristic, supernatural, horror
Aug 15th, 2017, 7:11 pm
The Traveler Series by Tom Abrahams (#1-3 Omnibus)
Requirements: Epub Reader, 1.8MB
Overview: Tom has traveled places most people would avoid. He's braved the stinging winds of a category four hurricane as it pounded The Gulf of Mexico, living and working without power for days. He's picked his way through the Amazon jungle, trekked across the irradiated exclusion zone of Chernobyl, Ukraine, and climbed the crumbling, high-altitude stone steps leading from the barrio Tacubaya, Miguel Hildalgo, in Mexico City. He's been evacuated in an ambulance from the barren Badlands of western Canada. Tom is a veteran television journalist and author who's spent the last 20-plus years telling the biggest stories of our time.
Genre: Sci-Fi|Adventure|Post Apocalyse



Home (The Traveler #1):
Five years after a pneumonic plague killed two-thirds of the world’s population, army veteran Marcus Battle is isolated. He’s alone with his guns, his food, and the graves of his wife and child. Unaware of the chaos that’s befallen everything outside of his central Texas ranch land, Marcus lives a Spartan life. If anyone steps onto his property he shoots first and never ask questions. But when a woman in distress, chased by marauders, seeks asylum, Marcus has a decision to make. Does he throw her to the wolves to protect himself or does he help her and leave the shelter and protection of home?

Canyon (The Traveler #2):
Marcus Battle has left behind his home. 
Now he’s on a seemingly impossible mission to find a missing child. But can he balance that responsbility with his deep, primal desire to exact revenge on the men who destroyed his solitary existence? 
The world he discovers on his journey isn’t the one he remembers before a pneumonic plague called The Scourge killed two-thirds of the world’s population. It is lawless, depraved, and far-deadlier than the disease which created it. 
Battle made a promise to find that child. It’s a promise he regrets more acutely with every step of the journey where he is as much the hunter as he is the hunted.

Wall (The Traveler #3):
In the chaos of a global plague, evil took hold. Governments fell, the good became servants, and the Cartel rose to power. A wall was built to contain the wasteland and keep the evil at bay. Now an organized resistance wants change. They're willing to fight for it and they've asked Marcus Battle to help. The last thing Battle wants is another war. But if that's what it takes to gain freedom and safe passage to the other side of the wall, he'll take aim and fire.

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Aug 15th, 2017, 7:11 pm