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Uprise Saga Series: Age of Expansion by Amy DuBoff,‎ Michael Anderle (#1-2)
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Overview: Amy DuBoff has always loved science fiction in all forms, including books, movies, shows, and games. If it involves outer space, even better! A full-time author based in Oregon, she recently completed the Cadicle space opera series, and she also writes short fiction for anthologies featuring science fiction, science-fantasy, and comedic sci-fi. When she's not writing, she enjoys travel, wine tasting, binge-watching TV series, and playing epic strategy board games.
Genre: Science Fiction

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Covert Talents: Telepathic abilities alone won’t save Ava. Sometimes you need the big guns.
Lieutenant Ava Landyn leads a special ops team of werewolf-shifters. A ten-year veteran of the Force de Guerre, she’s younger and smaller than the other warriors, but her unique skills give her an edge.
When a recon mission-gone-wrong uncovers information about illegal nanocyte experiments, Ava is sent on an undercover op to her home planet. A high-tech company may not be what it seems. People going missing. A scientific staff sheltered from prying eyes. Unrivaled security.
Ava is torn between her home and her loyalties to the FDG as her wits are taxed in her struggle to resolve a war no one knew was being waged, but threatens to cast multiple star systems into interplanetary civil war.
Join Ava in her fight for justice!

Endless Advance: Ava’s greatest opponent may be herself.
Following her exposure to experimental nanocytes, Lieutenant Ava Landyn faces an uncertain future as a new type of modified human.
But uncontrollable transformations aren’t her only problem. A previously undetected alien menace, a race capable of remote telepathic control, is threatening her home system, and the Force de Guerre. With the discovery that a government official in Ava’s home system has been subverted, Ava’s team must get control of the situation before the Alaxar Trinary descends into chaos.
How will Ava’s internal struggles affect her and her team’s fight to restore peace?

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